Because of the pandemic of the coronavirus causing the COVID-19 disease, we are offering educational entities free of charge ready-to-use Big Blue Button virtual classroom platforms, e-learning platforms based on the Moodle system for the duration of school closures. And file transfer and collection systems based on OwnCloud. All interested educational entities please contact us via the contact form. Fully virtual classrooms with video, virtual whiteboard and virtual hand raising and session recording based on Big Blue Button also available free of charge for interested schools or teachers. You do not need a computer to use the virtual platform - just a mobile phone with a camera.
  Dear Customers
As a result of the declaration of an epidemiological emergency, we would like to inform you that all services, both those already provided and the implementation of new ones, are secured and performed on an ongoing basis.
The continuity of services is fully maintained and safety procedures are in place.
Under these circumstances, we are forced to temporarily introduce restrictions and procedures regarding access to colocation premises.
As of today, the following restrictions on physical access to the colocation premises come into force.
We are proud to announce that our Cloud/VPS servers are now also offered in NVMe Quattro technology.

Depending on your needs for fast data access, we offer 3 lines of machines where cloud resources are based on the following levels,
  • Standard - SATA Enterprise RAID 10
  • SSD Quattro - SSD RAID 10
  • NVMe Quattro - NVMe RAID10
Thanks to RAID 10 technology, all our cloud solutions offer the highest read/write speeds and the most operations per second of any offered on the market.
Please do not hesitate to contact our representatives.
We would like to inform that Cloud/VPS services offered by are not in any way threatened by attacks exploiting Meltdown and Spectre processor vulnerabilities.

The Meltdown vulnerability was patched long before the information about its existence was made public.
The Spectre vulnerability never existed on our Cloud/VPS system.