The Datahouse

The building is situated in the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland,  and is connected to the eTOP network with redundant optic fibre lines. There is a parking lot next to the building.

Power supply is delivered from two independent power supply points. There is an on-line backup power supply system made up of UPS's and power generators. The default power supply voltage is 230V but 48V is available as well.

The colocation server rooms were built according to server room and telecommunication room regulations and is equipped with:
  • lighting
  • technical floor
  • cable ducts under technical floor
  • air condition
  • access control
  • cctv monitoring
  • physical security
  • smoke detection systems
  • fire detection systems
  • colocation room height 3,8m.
  • main floor max. weight 900 kg/m2
  • technical floor wood chip / resinous boards HSB-P-AS 600 x 600 x 38 mm
  • floor density >720 kg/m3
  • floor upper layer PCV Tarkett Sommer Standard AS 032 light grey
  • bottom floor layer - zinc coated steel
  • maximum floor point load 3kN 
  • REI 30 floor fire resistance 
Power supply:
  • three-level guaranteed power supply::
    • two 700kV building substations 
    • three independent UPS power supply unit
    • automatic power aggregates with a 24 hour gas tank
  • less than 1 Ohm grounding impendance in the main grounding point
  • automatic 1.3 MVA power generators 
Additional Options:
  • emergency phone lines - analog and ISDN
  • transmission links
  • digital channels