Server lease at any possible configuration at very good prices System software lease - Windows, Red Hat Hosting panel lease Database software lease
    Dedicated server rooms Telecommunication rack case colocation Rack space lease Rack and Tower server lease Constant monitoring and statistics
    Full adminstration of customer's equipment Full administration and management of leased servers Monitoring Update and security control Technical support for network service users

Why us?


Why ?

Business is like life, it depends on the partner you decide to share it and live it with. Just like in life, trust and respect are the very foundations. Datahouse.pl is a steady partner in business, and not only when everything works as it should but also when problems appear.

Our main rule is that our existence is based on the goodwill of our customers, therefore they may always count on our knowledge, advice and quick, reliable actions in case of problems.

At Datahouse.pl we think that the only thing our customers are obliged to do is to pay for the service and leave the rest to us. Therefore we are thankful for positive reviews left by our customers.

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